[Review] Does SEO Writing Assistant Rank your Content ?

SEO Optimization is an expert’s job done by well knowledgeable people in that field. SEMRUSH SEO Writing Assistant helps you write seo friendly content.

In an earlier post, we have known the features of this optimization helpful tool.

Researchers, Marketers, Content Creators should have good copywriting skills to keep the reader stay on the page. It also needs to rank well in Google.

Content is the king of SEO. Blog Posts with good page SEO have a fair chance of organic traffic.

But do you have the right optimized article that will display in the search results?

Though backlinks matter, is your article perfect for readability, tone-of-voice, seo and originality.

Such questions plaque your mind when you start writing an article.

It is only the starting point of using this tool from SEMRUSH. This can be added to the other Content Marketing tool of SEO Content Template. In this review, we are going to see whether SEO Writing Assistant really helps rank keywords in search engines.

organic research results seo writing assistant review


Keyword density is not in the big picture these days.

To optimize your content you need to have “connected” keywords. These are simply called semantically meaning words. They are related to the main topic and give focus to the keyword.

Meta description is a key part for understanding your content.

This will tell the audience what your content is about? Flesch Reading Ease Score is another metric to gauge your article readability.

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For an example article, the two main suggestions for SEO metric are – Alt attribute issues of images and Link issues. We are writing in a Google Doc.

It’s not the end of posting the article. So I prefer not to include it in the docs, but directly in the WordPress editor.

Recommended keywords are suggested by the SEMRUSH account tool for better overall score.

seo writing assistant review overall score

Case-Study – Overview

  1. We have taken 8 articles from the same website.
  2. They were already written and posted on WordPress.
  3. We wanted to check whether these articles are ranking well in Google for the target keywords.
  4. Also, whether the content is optimized well according to the writer assistant tool.
  5. If both correlate we can come to a small observation that the tool is working. But the sample size is too small and also the articles for which they are targeted also have less volume of traffic.
  6. The first table gives the results of the targeted keyword, overall score and number of keywords ranked in Google.com.
  7. The second table shows the data for the organic traffic received, best rank and the maximum estimated volume traffic.
  8. This data was gathered using the “Organic Research” traffic of SEMRUSH.

Test Results – SEMRUSH SEO Writing Assistant

Article No.Published DateTarget KeywordOverall ScoreRanked Keywords
124/2/21shared experiences windows 108.92
221/2/21windows 10 brightness not working7.872
315/2/21how to stop quora from sending emails52
415/2/21best windows 10 browser3.73
514/2/21block app windows 10 firewall6.110
62021-09-02 00:00:00sleeping tabs microsoft edge5.80
72021-06-02 00:00:00windows 8 features 3.862
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Article No.Best RankBest Traffic Volume


  • Even after content optimization, not lot number of keywords were ranked. To my astonishment, the content ranked with best overall score did not receive good amount of keywords. Most of the articles were written in the past 1 month.
  • The overall score was as high as 8.9 and low as 3.7. The maximum keywords ranked in Google were 72. This is for content where several articles were merged into one article. Most of the clubbed articles were already ranking for some keywords.
  • Not even one article ranked for the targeted keyword for which it was optimized. This is not expected. As the content is optimized for a particular keyword, I thought it would be in the list of organic keywords. But none of them ranked for it.
  • This says that user intent, content optimization, topic are different from the parent keyword. My writing skills are not that good and content is not well optimized for the targeted keyword.
  • From the second table, we can say that most number of keywords did not have traffic volume. Also, I did not receive any organic traffic from the keywords ranked. The best rank position was 6. Another interesting observation is that most keywords had high keyword difficulty.


In conclusion, we can say that content optimized using SEMRUSH SEO Writing Assistant alone will not rank the keywords.

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This is a sample of just 8 articles. So we can do a bigger case-study of 1 to 2 million articles and their scores compared using batch process, we can get better conclusions.

But what seems from the above, user intent and Google search algorithm treat the content totally different.

Also, the SEO factors play a major for these 8 articles. Even though the content is good from readability, tone-of-voice, seo they are still not ranking well.

So it is better to use other SEO tools in combination with this writing assistant tool, for better rankings.

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