SEMrush On Page SEO Checker Tool for Optimization Ideas

This SEMrush tool offers a structured and elegant list of things to do to improve the search engine optimization of select pages. On Page SEO Checker is part of Projects feature. You need to set up the module before you get any data from it.

This tool of SEMrush will give optimization ideas for betterment of content and SEO factors. Once you implement them, you can re-run your campaign to check if there is any improvement of organic traffic, rankings, conversions etc.

This is a useful analysis tool to check whether the important articles on your page have met the on-page optimization guidelines according to SEMrush.

How to Configure On-Page SEO Checker Tool

  • First you need to select the target country location, to start collecting on page SEO ideas.
  • Then you need to add pages and target keywords of that page.

This can be done in several ways.

  1. Auto Import
  2. Manual
  3. File
  4. Google Search Console
  5. Organic Research

If you do auto import of 50 target keywords with their corresponding page URLS, then 50 units in your account will be used. The Keyword source is based on Organic Research of SEMrush. You can manually also add different pages with corresponding target keywords.

A file import of the same can be done in CSV format.   The first column will be keywords and second column will be landing pages. Connect your Google Search Console, to get the details of pages and keywords.

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[wps_note size=”17″ background=”#fae588″ color=”#333333″ radius=”3″]I think this is the best way to import data into On Page SEO checker tool. Search Console shows keywords you are already ranking and their corresponding URLs. If you can optimize for the factors mentioned by this tool, you can see the results in Position tracking tool.[/wps_note]

semrush on page seo checker setup

But How?

Any increase in ranking indicates that the efforts you put in on-page seo optimization is fruitful.

Organic research is another way where you can import keywords and landing pages. It will also show the position and volume. The number of units required is 100 for 50 keywords in this method. This will take a few seconds.

On the dashboard, you can see the number of optimization ideas and pages required for on-page optimization.


This tab will show the total number of ideas in chart view. You can see the following on-page seo ideas in colored format.

  • Strategy Ideas
  • Backlink Ideas
  • Technical SEO Ideas
  • User Experience Ideas (Connection to GA account is required)
  • SERP Features Ideas
  • Semantic Ideas
  • Content Ideas

overview report on page seo checker semrush

A list of top pages to optimize with the number of on-page seo ideas is also displayed below the chart.

Optimization Ideas Page

When you click the “# ideas” button for a particular URL or page, you are taken to the “Optimization Ideas” tab. The following are the recommendations for content ideas.

  • Use target keywords in <title> tag
  • Use target keywords in <h1> tag
  • Focus on creating more informative content
  • Use video content
  • Make your text content more readable
  • Provide a more relevant title
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optimization ideas seo report semrush

Like this, different ideas are provided for Strategy, SERP features, Content, Semantic, Backlinks, Technical Issues, User Experience. You can go back to the landing pages report, if required. Here you can see the following.

  • Priority
  • Page
  • Keywords
  • Total Volume
  • All Ideas
  • Last Update
  • Actions

optimization ideas on page seo checker tool

SERP Analysis for your Target Keywords

The Top 10 Benchmarking report will show the on-page seo analysis of your keywords. For each keyword you can see the following. This is in comparison with Google Top 10 pages.

  • Content Length
  • Referring Domains
  • Video Usage
  • Keyword Usage
  • Ordered List
  • Markups
  • Readibility

You can also check the checkbox that says “Show keywords that trigger Featured Snippets first“. Click the “View full analysis” button to get in-depth metrics for a particular keyword. You can also see the Volume and Position for each keyword.

top 10 benchmarking ideas on page seo semrush

Idea Tasks

This tab will show the following values in a table. You can see details like –

  • Category
  • Idea
  • Page
  • Keyword
  • Status
  • Discovered

Once this tool starts collecting data, you can see results of your on-site seo implementation. For this you have to do –

  • Implement some ideas
  • Check for new ideas
  • Wait just one day and ..
  • See your chart

idea tasks on page seo semrush


The above on-page seo optimization metrics are useful to make your page URLs rank better in search engines. If you find that any task is difficult to implement, then you can concentrate on other tasks. Each keyword ranking is unique.

So if you have made any improvement in backlink and semantic ideas it can result in push of rankings to top #1. But, as we know each keyword search engine ranking is unique. So for a particular keyword you might be placed in featured snippet and for some not.

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Also the amount of time required to correct these ideas will increase with the number of tasks. From a optimization point of view, it is better to target the important keywords and URLs. Then make few changes each day based on the recommended ideas and cross-check your ranking results.


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