How to Make Money with Adsense 2018 using these 5 Ideas

Patience is required to make money with Adsense in 2018. Ads to generate revenue can be placed on your blog, once it is authorized by Google. But that is not enough to earn quickly within short time. To become one of the Adsense top stories of this year, you should make optimization to your website.

In this post we are going to see some adsense earning ideas . A visitor needs to click your ad to make money. I have done experimentation with my site and post over a span of 10 years. This should not be taken as a bible, but should be kept back of your mind when you try to earn more from your link.

Just as you need to spend some money to get a degree, here also some funds have to be allocated to generate more Adsense revenue. If you just wait and watch, it may take a long time to get the results. Either you should be an excellent SEO consultant or writer or analyze your statistics and make good judgement to put some money like in a share market.

block categories for all sites make money adsense

1. Niche

This is one of the top most priority you should decide before you start earning from Adsense. The next factor and this one go hand-in-hand which decide the fate of your Adsense revenue.

A niche is nothing but a topic around which you are going to write your blog. This could be Computers & Electronics, News, Tech, Health, SEO, Make Money Online etc. Generally I tried the micro-niche route which is easier for a lone struggling blogger like me.

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Initially I started a blog concentrated on Tech niche in 2008. But the SEO was different then. So I could write articles related to piracy and other things. Also if I write more articles related to an article, the traffic increased. But in 2011, with the new Google anti-SPAM algorithms everything changed.

After that I concentrated on Microsoft Solutions niche blog, started in 2010. I’m still working on it. But the Adsense revenue is not that much.

Finally, I would love to say about the “piece of gold” which worked for me. It was a health micro-niche blog with only around 30 to 35 articles. I don’t remember exactly. But in a year it soon generated good Adsense revenue like $150 per month. Finally I was able to sell it for $5800.

So my conclusion if you take niches like the usual people do, you may not get good Adsense income. But if you take special micro-niches in health, education, finance etc where SEO is in the infancy stage you may reap benefits.

2. Organic Traffic

This is one of the most important idea which made me think in my tenure of 10 years of blogging. I still could not understand how to generate organic traffic without spending a dime. Either you should be a good guest blogger or become a brand in your micro-niche by building links though white-hat techniques.

The type of niche decides the organic traffic you get if you are a SMB kind of a thing. You can’t compete with big brands, so you have to find those gold nuggets which are not concentrated upon (I mean keywords here) by big brands and improve traffic.

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With increase in direct and organic traffic, you will automatically generate more Adsense revenue.

3. Origin of Traffic

This is where the CPM and CPC come into picture. For example a single click from USA can generate like $0.60 to $2. But at the same time, if its from an Asian country like India or Bangladesh you may get around $0.05 to $0.1.

So are you interested in generating quality traffic from North America, Australia and European countries or targeting lots of traffic from Asian countries, is your own bet.

For example, if $3 is your CPM from the rich countries, a 2000 daily traffic will bring your $6. But if $0.5 is your CPM from poor countries, then 12000 daily traffic from those countries will bring the same revenue.

4. Block Advertiser URL’s and Categories

In your Google Adsense account, you have a feature called “Allow & Block ads“. This is very important if your blog is generating decent traffic (like 3 to 6k per day) from rich countries, but still your CPM and CPC are very low.

First make sure that you block the Advertiser URL’s which are generating very low CPC. You can block a maximum of 500. There are about 400 to 450 sites which can be found on the Internet, which you can just cut & paste in the Block URLs text box.

Coming to categories there are two kinds – General & Sensitive

Generally you can block your categories for all the sites added to Google Adsense account. For this the limit for blocked categories is 200.  Also you can individually block categories for each site. For this also the limit is 200.

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It’s a trial and error process on which category of ads, you should block. First run an experiment with all the categories allowed for 2 weeks. Now check which are having more % of ad impressions and less % earnings. Then you block them. Like that you grow over a period of time.

5. Local Business, Niche and Traffic

If your blog concentrates on local business like San Francisco, New York, Miami etc. and want to generate lot of Adsense revenue. Then make sure first you are listed in the local business listing of Google. Then write article related to your micro-niche in that area.

For example, if lot of divorce cases are being filed in San Francisco, and you are targeting that area, than you should write about info on those type of topics. But if its civil cases in Miami, and your blog targets that area, then you know what you should do.


Finally the perseverance, hardship, patience, good writing, seo all make up the little things for making good adsense revenue. You should see that you are not hit by the lit algorithm changes each search engine algorithm makes from time to time.

Generally 1 year is the time for your traffic and Adsense revenue to grow. But still if that doesn’t happen than you are doing something wrong or you are the unlucky one. Better find a good Adsense and SEO consultant to reap benefits earlier and learn the art by yourselves. I hope these 5 Adsense ideas help you gain insight into your learning process as a SEO blogger and Adsense earner.

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