SEMRUSH Review 2024 – Product Changes that are Easy to Use

Revamped version of this marketing tool has beastly features of search engine marketing (SEM) tool in 2024. Bloggers, Marketers, SMBs, Agencies benefit from the Semrush updates.

Voice Search, Backlinks, Site Authority, Domain Metrics, On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, Local Business, Ad Profile, Content Marketing are key areas of development.

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Semrush Updates – Empowering Digital Marketers with Cutting-Edge Tools

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Semrush, a leading all-in-one marketing toolkit, has recently introduced several game-changing updates to help marketers and agencies excel in their online endeavors.

From the Agency Growth Kit to Sellerly integration and the Cannibalization Report, let’s dive into the latest features that Semrush has to offer.

New Branding

SEM, SMM and SEO products have a new logo and design in 2024. The SEMRUSH symbol has changed to a fireball with orange color. It indicates the energy that fuels the marketing strategy.

semrush database growth

Cool and Friendly looking design envelops the brand communication. Sharp Inner edge and Composition display the marketing ins and outs of SEMRUSH.

semrush sign rgb

Change in the site home page design and name. Previously, it was called SEMrush and now it is known as SEMRUSH.

Agency Growth Kit: Scaling Your Business with Semrush

The Semrush Agency Growth Kit is a comprehensive set of tools designed to help agencies streamline their operations and scale their businesses.

This kit includes a range of templates, worksheets, and guides that cover various aspects of agency management, such as client onboarding, reporting, and project management. With the Agency Growth Kit, agencies can save time, improve efficiency, and deliver better results to their clients.

Many agencies have already benefited from it. In their reviews, users praise the kit for its practicality and effectiveness in helping them grow their businesses. By leveraging the resources provided in the kit, agencies can focus on what they do best – delivering top-notch digital marketing services to their clients.

Sellerly Integration: Optimizing Your E-commerce Listings

Semrush has recently integrated Sellerly, an e-commerce optimization tool, into its platform. With Sellerly Semrush integration, users can now analyze and optimize their product listings across various e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. This integration allows marketers to improve their product visibility, increase conversions, and boost sales.

One of the key features of Sellerly is its ability to identify and fix **structured data items that are invalid**. By ensuring that your product listings have accurate and complete structured data, you can improve your search engine visibility and attract more potential customers to your e-commerce store.

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Cannibalization Report: Identifying and Fixing Content Overlaps

Another notable update from Semrush is the Cannibalization Report. This report helps users identify and resolve content cannibalization issues on their websites. Content cannibalization occurs when multiple pages on a website target the same keywords, causing them to compete against each other in search engine rankings.

With the Semrush Cannibalization Report, users can easily detect pages that are cannibalizing each other’s traffic and take appropriate actions to fix the issue. By optimizing your content and eliminating cannibalization, you can improve your search engine rankings, drive more targeted traffic to your website, and ultimately achieve better marketing results.

Toxic Score: Monitoring Your Website’s Health

Semrush has also introduced the Toxic Score feature, which helps users monitor their website’s health and identify potential issues that could harm their search engine rankings. The Toxic Score takes into account various factors, such as the presence of harmful backlinks, technical SEO issues, and content quality.

By regularly monitoring your website’s Toxic Score, you can proactively address any issues that may arise and maintain a strong online presence. This feature is particularly useful for agencies managing multiple client websites, as it allows them to keep track of each site’s health and take timely actions to prevent potential problems.

Plans & Pricing

The pricing structure also changed. In the baggage of the SEMRUSH product there are 3 plans that entice the agency or individual.

  1. Pro
  2. Guru
  3. Business

Key improvements are restricted to the Guru and Business plans. However, please check the features page of the plan.  To know whether the feature exists in that plan. Upgrade to the next higher plan based upon your requirement.

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There is also a 7-day free trial version of Pro and Guru version to test their features.

All the plans can be billed monthly or annually. The Pro, Guru and Business plan pricings are $99.95, $191.62, $374.95 per month when billed annually. Saving of 16% when you do it this way.

The monthly bill are priced as below under different plans. All the free users who would like to upgrade to any of these plans after 4th Jan 2021, are billed according to this pricing.

semrush 2020 plans pricing monthly billing

Get Plan and Pricing Details of SEMRUSH

Majestic SEMRUSH Changes of 2024

  1. Better Security
  2. Enhanced Authority Score
  3. Site Health Importance
  4. Backlink Analytics and Authority Score
  5. Keyword Overview
  6. Keyword Gap
  7. SERP Features
  8. Google Data Studio Integration
  9. Keyword Import Option
  10. Traffic Analytics
  11. Domain Overview
  12. Backlink Analytics
  13. Backlink Audit
  14. Position Tracking – Voice Search
  15. Cannibalization Report
  16. Site Audit
  17. Local SEO – List Management Tool
  18. Algorithm Changes
  19. Traffic Journey
  20. Market Explorer
  21. Content Marketing Toolkit
  22. Social Media Tools
    1. Internal Analytics
    2. Social Media Ad Management
  23. Agency Growth Kit
  24. Other SEMRUSH updates
    1. Agency Growth Kit
    2. Sellerly by SEMRUSH for Amazon
    3. Prowly + SEMRUSH – Digital PR
    4. SEMRUSH with Yoast

Engaging a blog post can be done with quality readability, originality and user-friendly content.

Update #1 – New Two-Factor Authentication for Extra Protection of Account

In January 2024, SEMRUSH came with a new update to protect the user accounts. Additional code will be sent via email or SMS or Google Authenticator app. This is double protection of your account to make it safe.

semrush 2 factor authentication

Update #2 – Improved Authority Score and Site Health

Before 2024, when you do a site audit, relevancy in the form of Total Score was displayed. The new Site Health score is a great addition to the Site Audit tool. Compare the competitor domains with this score and also the site health with that particular industry average.

Score shows how engaging the content will be when the user reads it.

Update #3 – Significance of Site Health in Site Audit Tool

Site Health Score is based on the total number of errors and warnings analyzed by the SEMRUSH tool. This is a score between 0% to 100%. It is important to reduce the number of errors. This will have better performance on your Site Health score.

Total Score was a conglomerate of several scores of Domain Score, Domain Trust Score, Page Score and Page Trust Score. Authority Score is an indication of the power of backlinks pointing to your site.

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Using this score you can trust the efficiency and power of domain backlinks pointing to your site. This score is also based on 0 to 100.

Update #5 – Larger Information with Keyword Overview

Instead of the Keyword Analyzer, we see the Keyword Manager. Potential to collect keywords not only from Keyword Magic Tool, but also from other tools. Keyword Manager is integrated with Positions and Position Changes in Organic Research.

keyword overview semrush 2020 product updates

Keyword Research is necessary to make the content optimized for search engines.

100 Google SERP results and Bulk Analysis feature. Show the backlinks, referring domains, search traffic, keywords for the referred URL.

Update # 6 – Find Competitor Information with Keyword Gap Analysis

Semantic and Related keywords determine the article focus on a keyword. User Experience and Intent will be enriched by including these keywords. This can be done with the Keyword Gap Analysis.

Compare keyword groupings by sub-folders and URLs. Keyword Overlap graph will present how your keywords compare with other competitors. How many of them they are targeting and you are missing?

Compare up to 4 different competitor domains with yours to find keyword groupings based on “missing”, “shared”, “unique”, “strong”, and “weak” filters.

keyword gap analysis semrush 2020 updates 1

Update #7 – SERP Features in Organic Research

A new column was added to the Organic Research report to show the list of SERP features like featured snippets, knowledge panel, Q&A, star ratings, videos for a particular keyword. User active reading time can be reduced with powerful images and videos.

organic research overview semrush 2020 updates

Update #8 – SEMRUSH Integration with Google Data Studio

The linkup between Google Data Studio and SEMRUSH. Online Experience can only be enhanced with responsive design and keeping upto-date with the latest trends in that niche.

Two connection points for Domain Analytics and Position Tracking. Custom reports can be created using Google Data Studio and SEMRUSH helps them improvise them.

Update # 9 – Position Tracking and Keyword Import Option

Effectiveness of your SEO campaign with keyword position tracking on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Correlation between users active is a clear indication that visitors like your service, app or website.

position tracking semrush 2020 updates

Update #10 – Traffic Analytics with better Competitive Intelligence

Speed and the Article loading time play a major role in keeping the visit duration to a maximum. If it’s slow the visitor has a tendency to leave the app or site quickly.

This visualization makes it easier to know where the traffic is coming from to the most valuable pages on your site. You can make certain amendments or run campaigns to improve the source of traffic.

traffic analytics overview semrush 2020 updates

Update #11 – Global Information of Sites with Domain Overview

Sub-domain and Sub-folder analysis of a site are important if the competitor site is targeting a particular keyword on this path.

Compare features can analyze the traffic and domain metrics for up to 5 competitive domains.

semrush 2020 updates domain overview

Cross-check and Compare the backlink profiles of your competitors. Outreach that particular website owner and ask for a guest post or backlink in-return for a valuable resource

Broken Link Building is another technique that can be useful with Backlink Analytics. You can find all the 404 pages that a particular site has and find the relevant backlinks pointing to that site.

semrush 2020 updates backlink analytics

Backlink-Audit gives the back-link profile of your site. It will tell you the bad links that are pointing to your site which were reflected in the “Toxic” score.

The new Target Pages Report provides in-depth analysis on active, broken, new and lost backlinks. The Toxic Score feature is also more accurate and advanced.

Update #14 – Share of Voice in Position Tracking

Share-of-Voice is a new feature which connects selected keyword’s search volume and estimated traffic. Position tracking is influenced by the site keyword position in the Google search results.

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The below YouTube video describes the key 10 SEMRUSH updates that occurred in 2024. It will give a brief overview of all the features that SEMRUSH provides. After a small introduction by myself, you can see a detailed description of the top 10 updates that occurred in 2024 including Share-of-Voice, Cannibalization Report, changes in Keyword Overview and Gap Analysis, Traffic Analytics, Site Audit etc.  

Update #15 – Cannibalization Report and Extra Features

Cannibalization Report will tell whether any two articles of the same site are competing against each other. This is for the same keyword in search engine rankings.

Devices & Locations report can be useful to compare the keyword target position and your seo efforts at a country, city, region level and its benchmarks.

2020 semrush product updates cannabalization report

Update #16 – Greater Vision with Strong Site Audit

Site Audit now allows a better picture of errors and warnings. Priority items to be improved.

Markups report will give an accurate score of your site. Improve organic rankings. Structured Data items like schema markup, twitter cards, open graph, invalid and valid structured elements are mentioned in this report.

semrush 2020 review site audit markup

Update #17 – Improve Local Business with List Management Tool

List Management Tool helps in submitting your articles to the right directories. This will improve voice search optimization and help find the local users of the nearby businesses.

The following widgets – location status, directories distribution, location status-map, incomplete profiles, local reputation, duplicates, and suggestions are the new changes in the Local SEMRUSH 2024 update.

list management local seo semrush

Update #18 – Traffic Analytics with Algorithm Improvements

Much awaited feature provides performance metrics of the site.

  • Division of top driving traffic channels
  • Paid and Organic traffic
  • User intent metrics

The traffic estimate algorithm is so exact.  Search volume of traffic at subdomain level analysis for different reports.

traffic analytics overview semrush 2020 updates 1

Update #19 – Traffic Journey Report

This report shows the traffic incoming and outgoing from a particular domain. Useful for remarketing strategies and helpful in conversion affiliate sales. Helps reduce the bounce rate. Sales funnel can be clearly visible.

traffic journey report semrush

Update #20 – Market Explorer to give In-Depth Market Information

Market Explorer makes sure you take key decisions. Intelligent information from industry trends and key benchmarks. The top brands in your industry and their percentage share of traffic.  In-market audience profile marking helps this make wonders.

Benchmarking Report for market competitive intelligence. By comparing 5 domains related to traffic volume, source, difficulty, health score etc.

Update #21 – Content Marketing Toolkit

SEMRUSH does not stop at analyzing a domain or keywords. Content Marketing Platform is helpful to writers and bloggers. Marketers can create content and manage different tasks using Toolkit that is in-line with audience readability.

  • Topic Research.
  • SEO Content Template.
  • SEO Writing Assistant.
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Content Analyzer
  • Marketing Calendar

Some of the above tools make the task of search engine optimized content a reality. Using SEO Writing Assistant and Template you can create a brief overview of the content based on the top search results in search engines. WordPress and Google Docs users also have a plugin and add-on that adds a beneficial facility to check the quality of the content.

Get 7 day Trial to Content Marketing Platform

Score is displayed based on Readability, SEO, Tone, Originality. Major recommendations are given to improve the quality of the content. This way you can make sure that it is more reachable to the search engine and social marketing visitors.


Update #22 – Social Media Tools

Social Media Analytics and Social Media Ads tools are two powerful social traffic tools to understand the following of your content and brand. Using the analytics tool you can understand the number of followers, reach, votes, testimonials, and engagement metrics to know the social publicity of your site’s influence

2020 semrush review social media ads

Update #23 – Agency Growth Kit for Enterprises

Agency Partners Platform is a special place where agencies can show their proficiency.

Advanced Reporting capabilities with Agency Growth Kit.  Agencies can report back with customized options –

  • branding
  • white label
  • footers
  • headers
  • styling
  • minimalistic reports

Update #24 – Other Features

The affiliate income from Amazon sales is an important revenue for sellers of its products. Through Sellerly they can utilize different tools to enhance their product listings.

Prowly public relation company has access to 1 million journalists and brands. It also has connections to CRM software, newsrooms, email newsletters and PR analytics.

Yoast is a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress with more than 5 million users on WordPress. SEMRUSH keyword analysis linked with this plugin.



Semrush’s latest updates, including the Agency Growth Kit, Sellerly integration, Cannibalization Report, and Toxic Score, are testament to the company’s commitment to providing digital marketers with the tools they need to succeed.

By leveraging these features, marketers and agencies can streamline their workflows, optimize their online presence, and achieve better results for their clients. If you haven’t already, it’s time to explore these new offerings from Semrush and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

New features of SEMRUSH 2024 updates are addition to the existing SEM marketing tools.

Agencies can benefit from this marketing platform.  Customized reports for their clients. Other new features and Content Marketing Toolkit are useful for bloggers.  Weak in language proficiency and get quality articles at a lesser price.

In all, these 2024 updates will bring the consumer more near to the SEO Master.


Affiliate links to some SEMRUSH products are provided through images and text. No extra charge. No additional fee. Same Cost and Benefits. Small revenue to the owner when you purchase through these links.

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