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An invaluable asset of SEMrush tool is the Projects feature.

SEMrush is used by number of SEO agencies and online marketers to analyze and fix websites. You can do site audit, backlink analysis, brand monitoring, efficiency of social media campaigns, content checking, organic traffic insights and ad building campaigns.

Using this unique tool, you can enter your site url and analyze your site. Configure the settings of different modules of “Projects” feature of SEMrush.

You can get in-depth SEO metrics of your site like position tracking of your campaign keywords, Ad text used by your competitors,

A bird’s eye-view of metrics of different modules in Projects can be seen at one place. This is helpful to understand the issues of your site.

If you have positive metrics in all your modules, it indicates that your site is doing well in SEMrush SEO parameters.

The SEMrush toxic score is an indication of quality of your backlinks. If you find there are too many “bad” links then you can disavow them from the SEM tool itself.

SEMrush Project Features

SEMRush has a feature called Projects. You just have to enter the site URL . SEMrush will automatically collect some data related to your site. The following features are available under Project in SEMRush.

  • Site Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • On Page SEO Checker
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Social Media Poster
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link Building
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Ad Builder
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • Content Analyzer

The above 9 factors are major SEO signals for betterment of the site. Once you add your domain url under Projects, SEMRush  will crawl your site and gather some important insightful data. This can be seen under Dashboard > Projects > Dashboard: <sitename>.

You will find some important numerical values for all the above 9 SEO factors.

Site Audit

This feature can be used to audit the site. Once you enter the site url and set the number of crawled pages, you will receive a site audit report. You can find the errors, warnings and notices of your site at one place. This can be helpful to correct the site errors and make technical seo perfect.

The site audit will give a Total Score. It is based on the number of total errors, warnings that were found on the pages crawled during the audit. In exact terms it is the ratio of found issues to the number of performed checks.

You can read about the complete features provided by the SEMrush site audit tool in this article.

Position Tracking

Ranking of your keywords can only be measured by tracking their position in search engines.  Connect your site Google Analytics account with SEMrush. It will give some important insights into the google ranking data.

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semrush project features and position tracting

First you need to fill some data like Device & Location, number of keywords, competitors, organic etc you are targeting for ranking. Then you will get some important analytical graphs which show the position of your URL in Google and among your competitors.

The visibility of your URL and competitors domains for your keywords are shown. Do your keywords rank among the top 3, top 10, top 20, top 100 rankings of Google ? If you have made any positive SEO changes to your site, then you can measure it in keyword position ranking !

All the features, graphs and reports available in the position ranking tool can be seen here.

SEO Ideas

This is a very important feature of SEMrush site analysis. Here you will get different ideas, factors and aspects which can be improved from SEO strategic point of view. The following are the SEO ideas which are mentioned under this category.

  • Strategy Ideas
  • Backlink Ideas
  • Technical SEO Ideas
  • User Experience Ideas
  • SERP Feature Ideas
  • Semantic Ideas
  • Content Ideas.

You first need to input the location, device, keywords you are targeting for your URL. Based on that assignment, you will get all the above SEO ideas.

SEMRUSH gives SEO Ideas to improve SEO

Social Media

The importance of social signals cannot be underestimated in Google rankings. In this category, the performance of your site under 6 social media is presented. The following are the 6 social networks –

  • Facebook
  • Twiter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

First you need to give access to your social media accounts for all the above 6 profiles. Then SEMrush will start crawling data to show different parameters like Twitter followers, Google+ followers, Facebook Page Likes etc.

Stats of Social Media tools in SEMrush

Over-a-time if you find that the above metrics are improving, it indicates that your site is making enough social buzz over the Internet. This is good indication to Google that your site is getting popularity and users are thoroughly engaging with your content.

The most important audit signal from initial days of Google has been backlinks. Even in 2019, the popularity of links is still there in the form of page-rank. But now-a-days the quality and relevancy of links is more important. If you get links from unethical sources or bad links, you will be penalized.

It becomes even more important in 2019 to audit your link profile. SEMrush provides a feature known as Backlink Audit that will check your links and give an overall toxic score.

How to view Site Details using Projects in SEMRUSH DASHBOARD

Organic Traffic Insights

Just like Google Analytics, you can use SEMrush to analyze the organic traffic of your site. If you connect your GA account, you get insights from both the tools. You can find out the first 50 landing pages that are ranking well in Google and getting good organic traffic.

How to get Organic Traffic Insights in SEMrush

Just like the other features, you have to give input data like country and device.

For each landing page, you can get data like the number of organic keywords from SEMrush tool and Google Search Console. You get excellent answers to your traffic queries here. For example –

  • The total number of sessions for each landing page during a given period.
  • How much is the average session duration for each article?
  • What is the bounce rate for each post?
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When you click on the data, you will get better insights. For example, when you click the “number of keywords”, you will be displayed organic traffic insights for that landing page.

You will get data like position of the URL gets in organic search for the given keyword at the specified period. Also, the volume of traffic the keyword is generating and the traffic share percentage etc. can also be got.

Use these insightful organic traffic stats, you can further improve the content. Otherwise, you can change your content strategy that better suits your domain and niche.

Content Tool

You can add different URLs to track the SEO of those articles. SEMrush will analyze your content and give some recommendations and stats based on the analysis of top ranking pages. For example, suggested keywords to add to the existing content are given.

When these LSI keywords are added, your content SEO will look good in the eyes of Google. It is not necessary that you implement all the keywords suggested. But by improving existing content and adding the relevant keywords suggested at appropriate places, your content will have better user intent.

The 4 basic factors which you need to improve are –

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • User Intent and Experience
  • Domain Rating (DR) and Page Rating (PR)

Competition research is one of the important goals of site audit using SEMrush. Writing unique content will not fetch rewards without promotion and audit.  Articles that answer user queries are rated well by search engines.

Seo audit tool will analyze the content for grammatical errors, number of backlinks, toxicity of your links.

Search engine ranking signals vary from time to time. Only a fair audit of your current site structure and internal links will propel your seo campaign.

SEMrush Project Feature – Advantages

  • What is the top most post or article that bring you traffic?
  • What are the next 10 important posts that bring you traffic?
  • How many domains are backlinking to you?
  • Who are your competitors for your high-ranking keywords?
  • What is the volume of traffic these first-position keywords bring?
  • What is the position ranking of your targeted keywords?
  • Are your posts doing virally among social media?
  • Do you have sufficient Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn audience?
  • Do you have any toxic backlinks to your posts?
  • Is your current content good enough compared to other competitors?

What is this Toxic score?

It indicates how many good backlinks are pointing to your site and what authority they are having. The score is based on the number of bad backlinks leading to the website and significance of discovered toxic markers.

If your backlinks audit have a good toxic score, it indicates that your backlink profile is of quality one. This in turn improves the ranking of your article pages in Google. If you link up Search Console with SEMrush, it will also analyze the backlinks from there and give a toxic score to each domain pointing to you and the link.

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If the toxic score is marked in red, you can check its details and can send it to the disavow list. This “disavow” concept was introduced by Google, to neglect all the bad links pointing to your site. So when you get a set of disavow domains and links, you can upload them to the Disavow tool of Google.

This will improve the toxic score and the resultant is a quality backlink profile.

SEMrush site audit tool learning will take sometime before it gets you results. Concrete steps and proper planning & implementation are the key to reap benefits from the audit analysiz.

There are many website audit tools for finding ranking of keywords and backlinks. In my experience of using SEMrush over 3 years, I found this tool intuitive.  It is currently very useful to analyze and audit your high ranking articles.

Without taking action, no site audit tool can be useful. AMP implementation and HTTPS checks are another key features of this search engine marketing tool.

How SEMrush seo audit can improve health score?

As we said earlier, the toxic score is an indication of errors and warnings of your site based on SEO perspective of SEMrush. So if you can follow the clues in those messages and rectify them, your health score will definitely improve.

You can disavow toxic links which have low score. These are generally shown in red in the Project dashboard. A good link brings more page rank score. In the same way a toxic link will reduce the page value.

But how much extra effort you need? For this you need to run the SITE AUDIT campaign again.

How to Improve Site Health using SEO Audit

One should understand that the above ideas are not 100% guarantee method to boost to #1 ranking in 1 day. They are some strategic ideas based on key factors, so when improved, will improve the visibility of your posts and site.

You need to implement those ideas for the URLs mentioned in that category. Sometimes ideas like Content, Semantic keywords, Backlinks play a major role on improvement of your site. When you re-crawl your site campaign after a few days and if Google has re-indexed your site, you will see some changes.

This will most likely be positive change.

If you want to try this product, you can click the banner below, which will allow for a free trial signup.


As you can see above the SEMRUSH PROJECT TOOL gives microscopic view of your site.

This SEM tool will tell what you are missing in the eyes of search engines and suggests better ideas for improving the articles.

It will give optimization ideas for better improving your content. It also analyzes your backlink profile using Google Search Console and its own data.

You can also use SEMrush Project tool for brand monitoring and PPC analysis.

By implementing these metrics, you can have a better SEO site.

With time and addition of further content, your site will improve ranking in Google. This way your advertising revenue and also traffic will increase from using site audit results.

Finally, you will have a better understanding of your site from SEO point of view and gain better insights for further improvement of your landing pages.

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