How to Increase Adsense Page RPM to $10 in 2024

To generate good Adsense Income, you need to increase adsense page rpm and cpc. The country type plays a major role in improving both these metrics. If you can get $10 page RPM on an average, then you can earn $100 per day for 10,000 page views.

This depends on many factors. You can get both organic and paid traffic. In 2024, it is more likely that natural visitors are your valuable customers. Though you can improve traffic by different paid means, they may not convert well.

Understanding Page RPM in Google AdSense

Page RPM (Revenue Per Mille) is a crucial metric in Google AdSense that represents the estimated revenue you earn for every 1,000 page views on your website. It takes into account the total revenue generated from all ad units on a single page, including clicks and impressions, and calculates the average earnings per 1,000 views.

Page RPM helps you gauge the overall performance of your AdSense ads and the effectiveness of your ad placement strategies. By monitoring and optimizing your page RPM, you can make informed decisions to improve your ad revenue and maximize your earnings potential.

Simple Tweak to get $10 Page RPM for Google Adsense Ads

The best method is always to place your Google Adsense Ad Above the Fold (ATF). To get better page RPM you can place the first ad just below the post title. You can apply this tip for both mobile and desktop pages.

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I applied this method for my tech blog. I got a page RPM of $8.70 for desktop pages and $5.72 for AMP pages. This is over a time period of 1 week. The blog generates high adsense income from these countries – US, UK, CAN and AUS.

increase adsense page rpm easily

In addition to placing the ad below the title, I also blocked few categories in Adsense publisher dashboard. This also proved fruitful in increasing my page RPM.

Increase AdSense Page RPM – Strategies for Higher Revenue

If you’re looking to increase your AdSense revenue, focusing on your RPM (Revenue Per Mille) is crucial. RPM represents the amount of money you earn per 1,000 ad impressions on your website. By implementing effective strategies to boost your AdSense RPM, you can significantly increase your overall earnings.

One key factor in improving your RPM is to create high-quality, engaging content that keeps visitors on your site longer. This increases the likelihood of users clicking on ads and interacting with them, leading to higher revenue. Additionally, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and has a fast loading speed can greatly enhance user experience and AdSense performance.

Another strategy to boost your RPM is to optimize your ad placement. Experiment with different ad sizes, formats, and locations to find the best-performing combinations for your website. Consider using responsive ads that adapt to various screen sizes and devices, ensuring optimal visibility and click-through rates.

Adsense RPM and High CPC Keywords

Targeting high-paying keywords in your content can also significantly impact your RPM. Research and incorporate relevant, profitable keywords in your blog posts to attract advertisers willing to bid higher for ad space on your site. However, be cautious not to overuse keywords or compromise the quality of your content.

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Moreover, regularly monitoring your AdSense performance and analyzing data can help you make informed decisions to improve your RPM. Use the AdSense dashboard and other analytics tools to track your ad impressions, click-through rates, and earnings over time. This data will provide valuable insights into which strategies are working and where you need to focus your efforts.

By implementing these techniques and consistently working to improve your content and ad performance, you can successfully increase your AdSense RPM and maximize your revenue potential.

There were also link ads placed on every post using a plugin. But these did not generate that much RPM as compared to the “responsive square display” ads.

In the desktop pages, I placed a responsive display ad followed by a responsive link ad below single title post. Both these ads were left-aligned. So in the ATF area, there were ads and some content visible. This is good for both ad revenue optimization and seo of the single post.

I was using AMP for mobile pages. For these kind of pages also I used a square responsive display ad placed immediately below the title of the post. This generated the best RPM for mobile pages also.

The link ads could only generate page RPM of $3.09 and $2.69 on desktop and mobile pages respectively. This was low compared to image display ads.

The page RPM for United States and United Kingdom was $16.85 and $14.14 during the same period. So if you are able to get high traffic from both these countries and place the ad below the single post title, you can get even better RPM.

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creative size with best impression rpm

Some more Statistics about Page RPM

Another interesting fact was that the page RPM for desktop was $11.53, compared to high-end mobile devices of $7.16. Since my tech blog categers to the needs of desktop users compared to mobile users, this was expected.

The web content platform produced a page RPM of $10.62 and AMP of $7.71.

I also observed the “served creatives” in my Adsense reports. It showed that the text ads were giving an impression RPM of $9.81 compared to image ads of $1.77. This emphasizes the fact that though responsive ads are served, users click more on text ads.

Also personalized ads gave an impression RPM of $5.22 compared to contextual ads which gave only $1.07. Also CPC bids produced the maximum impression RPM of $5.21, compared to other form of ad bidding.

Dynamic sized ads were the most effective in creative sizes. Though other size format ads were served like – 300×600, 580×400, 970×250 etc, they did not return that much revenue.


From the above analysis of different reports of Adsense, for a tech niche blog, we can come to the following conclusions.

  • Ad placement plays a major role in high page RPM.
  • First ad placed ATF gives better revenue.
  • Text Ads give more return than Image Ads.
  • Revenue results are based on content targeted for a specific platform (desktop or mobile or tablet).
  • Responsive ads give better revenue compared to link ads.
  • Personalized Ads return good impression RPM than contextual ads.
  • Dynamic size ads are the best sized ads.

The above observations are based on a single blog. As you can see for a typical tech blog, a responsive ad placed below the post title gives maximum PAGE rpm.

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  1. Nice article. Adsense is the easiest way to earn decent money by bloggers. These tips helped me increase the RPM to more than $15. Thanks Palla.

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