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Keyword research is little different in 2015. The intent of the keyword phrases typed by users, has become important more to SEO. Google is using new algorithm updates to map these keyword themes with the user intent. In 2015, you will see tight integration between search and content marketing. Synonym replacement, long tail mining, data aggregation from tools like is now more important for semantic search. This tool provides long-tail keywords with variations of different keywords/phrases.

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According to A.J. Ghergich (Ghergich & Co.),

“I do not see any massive changes on the horizon for keyword research in 2015. However, I do think people will become more aware of the power of suggestion-based tools like

Entering phrases like Who, What, When, Where, Why & How + Your Keyword can bring back some awesome long tail searches. This is great for finding and filling content gaps on your site.”

Evan Prokop (TopRank Online Marketing) says that,

Rather than living in a vacuum (i.e. the SEO department), SEO and keyword research needs to sync with the overall brand messaging strategy, which means a shift towards:

– Customer persona pain point centered messaging, instead of only focusing on a small set of product / service based target keywords.

– Bigger focus on optimizing for semantically related keywords / concepts outside the core set.

– Optimizing across the entire sales cycle, rather than focusing only on attraction / awareness themed keywords and content.”.


SEO experts have envisaged in 2015 that niche keyword research influences your rankings in search engines. To cater to this need you need to use new tools from old data. Though Google Keyword Planner provides sufficient info for a beginner, you need advanced keyword phrases to rank higher in Google. In this context, tools like will help you to write optimized content based on user intent.

How to Use for better Ranking in 2015?

You can get more than 1500 keywords for a particular search term using You can get 2x times’ long tail keywords which are hidden in Google Keyword Planner. Using the free version you can get only the list of keywords. But if you subscribe to their pro plans, you can even get search volume, CPC and Adwords competition data.

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There are four main tabs on the home page.

  1. Google    2. YouTube         3. Bing        4. App Store

If you are mainly targeting web search, then you choose Google. You will get a good number of long-tail keywords using this feature. You just have to enter a primary keyword, select the google domain and the language. Voila! The list of semantic keywords are listed below.

This tool supports 192 google domains and 83 languages. This embraces the Autosuggest feature in Google and tries to find all the missing links in Google Keyword Planner. features in action - review

For example, when I used the key-term “seo tools” using the domain and English language I was given a set of 465 unique keywords. The query was also fast as it took only 15 secs. This is somewhat a highlight or advantage of this keyword tool. In this way, you can search for search for different keywords in a niche very quickly.

Currently I’m using the “Pro Plus” plan. In this plan I get additional features like search volume, CPC and competition. For example the search phrase, “seo reporting tools” has a search volume of 210, CPC of $11.55 and competition level of 0.68. You also have the “Copy all” and “Export” features added to this report. Just click the “Export” button and the report can be saved as a .csv file.

#Additional Bonus : The Keyword Research Report for the keyword phrase “seo tools” using Pro Plus plan –keywordtool-d2789

Similarly if you are targeting YouTube traffic, you can also find relevant keywords. The only thing different is that you need to select that tab. For this research, produced 38 unique keywords with additional data that I already mentioned.

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Similarly the keyword suggestions for Bing search engine for United States and English language produced 191 unique keywords. In this report, there are also additional results. You can also get related questions using this keyword. For example there were 18 questions. Some of these are like this –

  • when seatools does not detect any drives
  • witch seo tool should i trust
  • whose tools are these lesson
  • whose tools are these
  • whose tools community helpers
  • whose tools are these books
  • whose tools are these sharon katz
  • whose tools file folder game
  • whose tools are these sharon katz cooper
  • whose tools
  • will seatools dos check non-seagate drives

Here also the query was quick. I got the results within very less time like 10 secs.

When I searched “seo tools” for the vertical “App Store” the tool reported 0 unique keywords. This is somewhat the downside of the tool. With the increasing dominance of apps, we would also like to see more keywords related to mobile search. I hope that authors will provide this feature in next versions.

In addition to these excellent features, also provides API access.

What are the Plans?

The free subscription plan only provides limited keywords only. But if you want additional information like search volume, cpc and competition you need to purchase plans. Again, the API access is not free.

If you want use the web service only and if you are blogger like me, you can just use the pro plans. These include Pro lite, Pro basic and Pro plus. These plans also provide 2x more keywords than in free plan. Each plan has distinctive features.

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But if you are a developer of keyword research tools, you can use the API subscription plans. These include – API lite, API basic and API plus. Using this service, you can get full access to Google, YouTube, Bing and App Store autocomplete data.

You also have the ability to specify negative keywords and exclude terms that are not relevant. You have access to easy-to-use RESTful API with output in JSON or XML format. You have also other tools like API documentation if you are not a programmer and examples to use.

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  1. I think Keyword Researcher Pro is the best suggestion tool, is also good but you should have a look on that one too.

  2. In case anyone is looking for something like this but for free, offers the same information like CPC and search volume.

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