How to do Free Keyword Research with UberSuggest in 2015 – Live Example Analysis?

The best way to learn keyword research is by using Google’s auto-complete keywords. If you can arm yourself with a free automation tool like UberSuggest than your content strategy will become much easy. You just need to enter a key term and this tool will automatically enhance the different possibilities of that keyword and list them as a group.

For example, if you are targeting the keyword “seo tools”, then try to enter this term in Google and wait for the auto-suggest keywords. You will see atleast 4 or 5 additional keywords that are starting with “seo tools”. But you see lot many with UberSuggest. This is very useful for bloggers and beginners.

Why to Include Long-Tail Keywords in your SEO strategy?

In 2015, the old keyword strategy of including the “exact” keyword in the content will not rank you that easily. Your on-site optimization factors include many things like the right heading and keywords. You need to have all related keywords or semantic keywords in your content to rank well for a particular keyword. Then you also need to do some off-site optimization also.

The possibility of users clicking on your page URL in Google search results for a particular parent keyword is less likely. If you have used GWT, then you can observe that a particular page or URL on your domain will rank for different queries or keywords. So the advantage of long-tail keywords in your content strategy is immense.

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About 70% of Google search queries come from long-tail keywords and 25% of total queries come from new keywords daily.

What is the Difficulty with Google Auto-Suggest Method?

I tried to enter “seo tools” in the search box in and readily many different keywords are available. When I press a space bar some more different keywords are available. When I press another window or ALT+TAB and come back to the old window some more new search queries are available. If I click outside the search box and click again in it, some more new keywords are available.

Free Keyword Research using Auto-Complete in Google new-trick-google-free-keyword-search-auto-complete seo-tools-free-Google-Search-Internet-Explorer google-seo-tools-keyword-research google-keyword-research-free google-auto-suggest-free-keyword-research

So if you want to find all the related keywords of “seo tools” you need to use different tricks and techniques in Google. But what if with a single-click you can get all those auto-suggest keywords in a .txt file or notepad file, it’d be great. Then you can browse through that list and include those keywords in your content marketing.

How to Work with UberSuggest to find Related Keywords?

You just need to enter your keyword like “seo tools” in the search box provided on the homepage.

Free Keyword Research Tool - UberSuggest

Then there are two different options. You could select the country based search engine and property of search results.

  1. For example you can find auto-suggest keywords for Google – US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and many other countries.
  2. You can also search based on properties like Web, Images, News, Shopping, Video, Recipes.

UberSuggest Review - Google Country Options UberSuggest Review - Vertical Options

When you click the “Suggest” button, the results related to the parent keyword will be available.

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A plus sign is also present beside each keyword. When you click that sign, it’ll be added to the clipboard. This is useful to copy all the required keywords to a notepad or any other software. You can also add all the results to the clipboard with single-button click by pressing the “Select all keywords” and then “Get” buttons.

ubersuggest-results seo-tools-keyword-research-ubersuggest related-keywords-free-keyword-tool-ubersuggest

You can also click a particular search term to get further suggestions. This will display further list of keywords related to that particular keyword. This way you can better optimize your keyword research.


UberSuggest Review – The Best Free Keyword Tool in 2015. Why?

For example, when I used the search term “seo tools” and used country options like USA, Australia and Germany I got different related keywords for each of those queries. I got 286 results for United States option, 282 results for Australia’s option, 268 results for Germany’s option.

This feature is useful if you are targeting your content for a particular country or local search.

I also found some related keywords specific to a country database and not available in the other.

For example

  • [seo tools – keyword difficulty check]
  • [iweb seo tool 1.9]
  • [iweb seo tool 2.1]
  • [iweb seo tool 2.2]
  • [iweb seo tool header code]
  • [iweb seo tool video]
  • [iweb seo tool youtube]
  • [java seo tools]

were specific to Google-Australia.

  • [best seo tools for joomla 2.5]

was specific to Google-Germany.

This also makes UberSuggest more powerful compared to other keyword tools. When you combine from all the countries, the list of related keywords will definitely grow. But I found that some country options like India, Pakistan, and Malaysia are missing.

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Similarly, when you use different verticals like Web, Images, Video, and Shopping you will get different search results. You can use these keywords to target those properties. For example, if want to rank for images in Goolge-UK, you just have to select the search engine – English/UK and the vertical Images from the drop-down boxes and click on “Suggest” button.

This will display all the related keywords of “seo tools” for images. Then you can target these keywords in your image ranking SEO strategy.

Similarly if you want to rank for keywords with buying intent, then you can target the vertical of “Shopping”. This will display entity keywords, the user using to buy a product. But sometimes, nothing is listed in this category. Then you have to broader your search.

Just like other keyword tools, UberSuggest also has its limitations. You cannot get all the keywords, which Google users are typing in respective databases. That’s because Google hides some of its keyword data and does not make that data available public.

#Extra Bonus :  Download Keyword Research Report in Excel format – seo-tools-keyword-research

Also you cannot get other seo data like traffic volume, CPC, keyword difficulty score, competition level and many other parameters which paid tools provide. To get this info, you have to include each relevant keyword in Google Keyword Planner tool. But this is little time consuming.

I almost used UberSuggest 10 to 20 times in a single session and there was “nothing” like IP blocking. This is because some SEO tools which use Google services allow limited searches and your IP is blocked after that. But this didn’t happen with UberSuggest.

Finally, this many features for a free tool is absolutely remarkable.

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  1. Really enjoyed this tips Palla – The Ubersugest tool is really powerfull to see variations of a keyword. Thanks for this 🙂

  2. UberSuggest automatically gives us several possibilities organized in groups. Fantastic tool!

    • @Alexander V: Thanks. Truly, I love UberSuggest for the first reason its free. Next it gives unique long tail keywords which are hard to get using keyword planner. I feel its far better than SEMrush for some keywords which are new.

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