LSIGraph Review – The Best LSI Keyword Research Tool [Feb 2019]

To improve organic rankings, you should include the right keywords in your article.

For this you need the correct keyword list generator.

It is an art of finding the right words.

There are some SEO tools which help in this process.

LSIGraph is one such tool which will provide semantically linked keywords to include in your article.

LSIGraph Overview of features 2019

Google uses its algorithm to find the right search results. When you search for a particular phrase, there are lot of words that are connected to it.

These define the user intent behind the search query.

For example, when you are searching for “Windows”, it can be your building item or the operating system. But how does it decide, your inner question?

How LSI Keywords decide your Content Topic

Google has been using personalized search for couple of years. If in this case, you are more researching about Windows OS, then you get those results. On the contrary, if you are searching about building materials, you are more likely to get those results.

Google cannot be correct always. So you have to refine those search results, to get to your goal.

As a brand or small business or blogger, if you want your business to show up in search results, you have to write content which is focused on user intent. You have to target one primary keyword and write your article around it. Then there are more chances for it ranking for a particular keyword.

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Taking the above example, the related keywords to “Windows” which indicate that your article is about operating system and not building item could be like this –

windows download
windows 10
windows 7
windows xp
microsoft windows 7
windows 11
windows 10 free
windows 8
windows installer
windows laptop
windows 10 wallpaper hd
windows 10 software download
windows movie
windows 11 download
windows 11 release date
windows 10 insider preview
windows 10 price in india
features of windows operating system
windows 13 operating system
windows insider app
windows insider program not working
windows 10 latest version
best microsoft blogs
windows 10 pro free download full version
windows insider program free windows 10
windows insider recovery
welcome back insider microsoft
icloud download
create icloud account
how to download photos from icloud
anydesk android
icloud setup
slack app store
slack down
icloud notes windows
slack windows phone
icloud for windows xp
1password folders
download slack for windows
windows 10 insider levels
1password windows integration
ipassword for pc
1password application login
1password custom icons
1password attachments
slack uwp app
slacks for mac
windows 10 features
windows 10 buy
anydesk review
windows 7 price in india
que es anydesk
anydesk fiyat
anydesk multiple users
how to use any desk in mobile

The above data was taken from Keyword Planner tool of Google Ads. But as you see they are not 100% relevant to the original keyword. You find misleading words like “windows 13 operating system” which users may be searching, but is not correct.

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To get the correct LSI keywords, you must use a research tool like LSIGraph.

LSIGraph Review – Keyword Variation Generator

To generate LSI keywords enter a seed keyword. It is nothing, but any “topic” or “phrase” you have in mind. This is the focus word on which your entire content or video or marketing will surround it.

Generally, you would like to target a particular “keyword” for one specific article. Otherwise, you can refine your keywords. Just like you do it in Google Search.

This tool is nothing difficult to learn. It is like your search engine. Enter a few words and in return you will get the LSI keywords. The LSIGraph Pro version is currently $49. The price may increase after the offer.

  1. Type the following address :
  2. Then enter any word in the text box below “Keyword Research”.
  3. For example, I entered a keyword “hdmi no sound windows 10” in the main text box.
  4. Then a list of LSI keywords are shown.
  5. There are other parameters like Trend, Volume, CPC, Competition, LSV.
  6. You can sort them based on your need.
  7. Latent Semantic Value (LSV) is an index or measurement of how valuable a particular LSI keyword is to the topic. If you want the most relevant LSI keywords, then you can sort based on LSV in descending order.
  8. For this particular keyword, I get two words with LSV of 100%.
    1. hdmi no sound on tv
    2. realtek audio driver
  9. If you have already written about the main keyword, then you could include these two LSI keywords to make your content more searchable.
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LSV - What is the meaning

LSIGraph Review – What are the other Features

  1. You can save the above report in CSV or PDF format.
  2. There is “Manage Projects” to which you can add a Project.
  3. It will also display the “Semantic Classification” to which your primary keyword belongs.
  4. Below that you can see the “Top performing content” based upon Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

For the above example keyword, it was classified under Computers & Electronics >Consumer Electronics>TV & Video Equipment. The top most content was from “” which has 7+ likes.

LSIGraph Review 2019 - Display of Results

My Final Thoughts

As you can observe it is trial and error procedure to obtain the right LSI keywords with 100% LSV. You may not obtain #1 ranking by including those keywords. You have to put other SEO efforts. But this will aid in your content ranking with time, when other SEO parameters are in par.

You have to use your Search Console queries to obtain your LSI keywords. The optimize your content or video description to suit SEO needs. In this way, you keep on updating, until you get the best results.

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