How to Buy the Right Product on Amazon – 7 tips

Online shopping is the latest trend of 2020. How to buy on Amazon? Add items to cart and check out. But how do you find the right product and best price?

New buyers are confused among the millions of products available!

You first have to decide what your requirement is! Then, check several reviews and filters on Amazon website or app.

Prime, Teen Purchases, Gifts, Student benefits, Warehouse location, today’s deals, Same-day delivery, Subscription, Store and Visa cards, Refunds, Amazon Money, Replacement, Coupons, Food Discounts, Medicaid accounts and Best Price are some of the things to look while doing online shopping of products on Amazon.

Price is one parameter which influences buying trends. But, there are a lot of other factors which tell you the quality of the item.

Ratings, Reviews, Technical Specifications, best in the category, Filters are some of them.

Amazon Search Results – The Bad Part

Amazon has a long list of products. You can get easily confused when looking at all those things.

Amazon also has the notoriety of showing only those products which are best suited for their profit. When you search for any item on Amazon, you see a long list of items, which are based on algorithm rules.

Unlike Google, Amazon search works more like an advertising platform.

It will push through its own products more than the best ones.

For an average customer this is not visible. You can see that Amazon does not necessarily give the best products on analyzing their search results.

In order to reach the best product for your category you need to dwell deep.

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In this tutorial, we are going to see the tips to buy on Amazon based on several metrics.

amazon search results

Online Shopping on Amazon

As an example, we will try to find the “best smart watches for iphone” on Though it is available in several languages, we will try to concentrate this guide on the US version.

Once you type the keyword in the search box, you are shown results related to your product.

As you can see the first few items are like Echo Spot Adjustable Stand – Black, Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 42mm), Smart Watch 2019 Version Swimming WaterProof etc.

We will limit our search to desktop results. One advantage with PC or laptop results are that you can see better metrics, which are not available on the mobile version.

You are also shown sponsored search results in addition to the normal results for your product.

Tip #1 – Avg. Customer Review

On the left hand side, you can see star ratings which give an indication of the quality and popularity of the product based on customer given feedback ratings.

The star ratings are visible on a scale of 5 star to 1 star rating. If you want to know the best product based on customer ratings, you can choose the 5 star rating products.

There are 5000 results for this query with an avg. customer rating of 4 stars and up.

Now, the results will change. Some of the results for this keyword as – Digital frame – RegeMoudal, Smart Watch for Android, Updated 2019 Version Smart Watch etc.

amazon best search results avg customer review

Tip #2 – Number of Customer Ratings

In the list of product search results, you can also see the number of customer ratings beside each product.

For example, Updated 2019 Version Smart Watch … has 1183 customer ratings and Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phone 2019 … has 1004 ratings.

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This is an indication of the popularity of the product. More the number of ratings give an indication that people tend to buy this product more and give their opinion about the product.

Tip #3 – Percentage of Star Ratings

The simple look will only give the total number of customer reviews.

If you want to find out the number of customer reviews for each star rating – like 5 star, 4 star, 1 star etc, you need to click the drop-down arrow beside the customer review rating.

For 1004 customer reviews, 70% are 5 star, 11% are 4 star, and 7% are 1 star.

If you have more number of 5 star and 4 star ratings, then the product is one of the popular brands among the customers.

If 1 star ratings are more, it indicates, the low quality of the product based on customer feedback.

amazon customer ratings feedback 1

Tip #4 – Best Sellers Rank

This feature looks like it is only available on PC and laptop. It is a very useful metric to decide the best product in your product search category.

The sellers rank is #1024 in Cell Phones and Accessories, #15 in Smart Watches. Most of the times, this will give a good indication of the quality and popularity of the product in that category.

If the product has more 5 star customer reviews and stands in top #20 of best sellers rank, then it should be a good product.

customer ratings in amazon
best sellers rank amazon products

Tip #5 – Amazon Best Sellers

Another easy way to find the right product, is to click the category in best sellers rank. This will show up the top products and best sellers in your category. It is a very good indication of the “best product” based on different rules.

For example, in Smartwatches category, the best #1 Amazon Seller is Apple Watch Series 3.

Its price is $189 and has 3948 customer reviews. It has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. If you click the product, you can see further ratings of 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

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amazon best sellers products

Tip #6 – Customer questions & answers

To go more in-depth, you can click the top amazon best seller product and scroll through to the customer questions and answers section.

For example, the top #1 smartwatch in the best seller category has a question – “Does this apple watch come with an adapter? It says so, but I cannot find it in the box”. It has 46 votes for this question.

Further questions have 39, 17, 15 etc votes which indicates the customer interest in this product.

You can also find the right answers about your doubts for this product. Go through some of the questions to find, whether the product is reliable or not.

Tip #7 – Customer Review Comments

Another important section is the user comments. Though the star ratings and best sellers rank can be manipulated, customer review comments are a cut-throat indication of the quality, price, features and popularity of the product.

If you read the most positive and negative comments on the product, you can find the truth about the item.

The comments are helpful for 1491 people. You can also see the customer images of the product, which give a real-indication of how the product is and works.

amazon customer reviews images

Final Thoughts …

Buying the right product from Amazon is an art.

Though you can be overwhelmed by the list of items, when you search for your product, the above metrics will guide you to decide which product is best for you.

Customer reviews, ratings and comments are the important factors to decide whether the product is popular, best, good quality and is reliable.

To find the right desktop or laptop, you have to research through Amazon products. The above 6 tips should be useful on how to buy on Amazon.

Just believing in a cheap price will not give you the best product. To get a good price and best product in Amazon search results, you have to rely on customer ratings and comments.

The positive and negative comments will give you an indication of how the product is and can be bought or not. If you look at the customer images, it will differentiate from the cosmetic images shown on the product page.

Finally, you have to see several factors to buy the best, quality and popular product.

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