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The microblogging and social network platform Twitter has more than 500 million users by 2020. You can post messages on this platform called as “tweets”. One can post, retweet and like them.

But how do you know the number of views and other statistics for your tweets?

You can analyze your twitter account to know the popularity of niche ideas you are posting. If you are either into blogging or influence marketing, you should do this from time to time.

For this, Twitter provides a feature called “Analytics” where you can analyze your tweet traffic month by month. This is very useful as a free user.

You just want to know how many impressions your tweets have got and the number of mentions.

In this twitter analytics guide we will learn the settings and information about your profile and how to use it.

twitter analytics home account

How to Access Twitter Analytics

The following are the steps.

  1. Open your Twitter account on your desktop.
  2. On the left-hand side, you see 3 dots.
  3. Click it.
  4. Click on “Analytics”.
access twitter analytics

Features Available

The following tabs are available.

  1. Home
  2. Tweets
  3. Audience
  4. Events
  5. More


In this tab, you can see the 28 day summary of your tweets. The following details are shown as summary.

  1. Tweets
  2. Tweet impressions
  3. Profile visits
  4. Mentions

You can also see the % change in each twitter metric. For example, my tweets have increased 473% compared to the last 28 days. Twitter impressions have increased by 172.8%, profile visits by 8.1%, mentions by 25% and followers by 20.

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You can also see the month to month summary in this page. You can see the following details.

  1. Top Tweet
  2.  …     Mention
  3.  …     Follower
  4. Top Media Tweet

When you click on “View Tweet activity” you can see further details like impressions, total engagement like number of retweets, likes etc.

tweet activity 2020

A summary of the twitter account for this month can also be seen. You can see the following details.

  1. Tweets
  2. Tweet Impressions
  3. Profile visits
  4. Mentions
  5. New followers

Free Twitter analytics is a tool given by the company for SMBs, to reach their customers. Without spending a cent, you can know how your tweets are doing over a period.


In this you can see the timeline graph of the number impressions your tweets earned over this 28 day period. Below that you can see these metrics.

  1. Tweets
  2. Top Tweets
  3. Tweets and replies
  4. Promoted

Twitter 28 day summary is like a benchmark of how your tweets are growing among your followers and niche.

For each tweet, you can see the total impressions, engagements and engagement rate. Twitter traffic analysis can be seen from the number of impressions you get on a daily basis. By posting regularly, it gives signal that your content is fresh and targeted.

tweets analytics traffic 2020

You can also see information for top tweets, tweets and replies and promoted. Using Twitter Ads, you can promote your tweets.

Audience Insights

This feature will be removed by Jan 30, 2020. For now you can see the details. These include the following information. Analyze your twitter profile to know the kind of visitors, demographics and device information. This helps you target your campaigns to the right audience.

  1. Top Interest – Other metrics like Interests, Gender, Consumer buying styles, Household income categories can also be see in this tab.
  2. Demographics – Top Language, Country, Home value, Region etc.
  3. Lifestyle – Top lifestyle type, Interests.
  4. Consumer behavior – Top buying style, aftermarket auto buyer type, consumer buying styles, consumer good purchases.
  5. Top device category – iOS devices, Android devices, desktop and laptop computers.
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Twitter analytics audience is the crucial part of knowing the tweet promotion. If you just submit tweets and see there are no either followers or likes, it gives a mundane picture.

twitter analytics audience

Twitter analytics audience location is the best way to look at your local profile information. If you are getting activity from some random location, it means that something is wrong with your campaigns,

Then you can change the parameters in your campaign to best suit your needs.


You can see the following tabs.

  1. Overview
  2. Events
  3. Sports
  4. Movies
  5. Recurring trends

Under More, you have the following items

  1. Videos
  2. App Manager
  3. Conversion tracking


The above Twitter Analytics metrics are very useful for the common user. He can analyze the number of impressions his tweets got, mentions, retweets and likes. You can assess the audience behavior based on their lifestyle type, device category and buying style type.

Based on the country targets, one can promote his tweets. This will help to generate more revenue by promoting his tweets. You can send a tweet about your new product and then analyze the amount of retweets and likes you got. Based on this,  you can create a campaign for your product.

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