How To Find Profitable Keywords in 2020 (With High CPC)

To find profitable keyword in your niche, research is required.

A money keyword is that which you can rank easily and get good ROI from it.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Keyword Surfer will help unearth plenty of productive keywords. Traffic volume, CPC, competition are important metrics to find beneficial keywords.

Content should be of high authority. Domain Ranking is also an important signal. Page Ranking helps understand backlink signals. Long tail keywords bring large amount of traffic, even though you target a single word.

In this post, we are going to see 3 different tools to find profitable keywords with high search volume, high CPC, low competition. Keyword research is different for each niche.

Amazon affiliate keywords will have a different strategy compared to WordPress niche products.

More Ideas

How to Get Niche Ideas that bring Profit

There are many ways in which you can get topic ideas for your niche. Some of them are the following.
1. Reddit
2. Quora
3. Google Suggested Keywords
4. Keyword Planner
5. SEMrush
6. Keyword Surfer
7. Ahrefs
8. Majestic
9. Serpstat
10. Long Tail Pro
11. Soovle
12. Jaaxy
13. Google Search Console
15. CognitiveSEO

Each tool has its own advantage. The method is simple. You imagine a topic or find niche you are good at it. Then enter that keyword in the tool.

You will get relevant keywords based on US, UK, CANADA, AUS etc Google databases. These can be used as niche ideas for your next content.

In the same way, you can use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to find competitor keywords which can be included in your content.

This makes content more relevant to the user and your competitor. Keyword research is finding similar keywords that are close to a topic. If your intent is to target “Amazon Kindle” device, then your content should include keywords like –

“price of kindle”
“kindle specifications”
“features of kindle”
“best amazon kindle accessories”
“amazon readable device”
“online screen reading devices”.

But on the contrary if you include keywords like

“largest river in the world”
“burning of trees in amazon”
“amazon river width”
“tribes of amazon”
“amazon river depth”

it indicates that you are targeting the Amazon river, instead of kindle devices.


This tool can be used to get keywords with high CPC, traffic and low competition. You can subscribe to 1 week trial to test this tool. I’m using the Guru plan.

Follow these steps.

1. Enter the main seed keyword in the Keyword Magic tool and click on “Search”.
2. It will be added to a list.
3. You get all the keywords.
4. Volume, CPC (USD), Competition are mentioned against each keyword.

find profitable keywords using semrush

Depending upon the profit metric, you want to target, you can sort the keywords in increasing or decreasing order. For example, for “wireless keyboard”, the following are some of the profitable keywords based on traffic volume.

1. wirless keyboard and mouse
2. apple wireless keyboard
3. logitech wireless keyboard
4. wireless gaming keyboard
5. best wireless keyboard and mouse

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If you are looking at advertiser bid as profit criterion, then the following keywords should suit you.

1. what wireless keyboard for samsung smart tv                                $28.22
2. how to connect logitech wireless keyboard to ipad mini              $26.28
3. hp wireless keyboard battery life                                                       $18.29
4. how to connect wireless keyboard.                                                    $15.27

Low competition keywords with high traffic can be got in the same tool. You can sort them based on competitive density and volume. Advanced filters can be used to sort the total keywords based on one or more metrics.

You need to change them based upon the keyword. Sometimes, you may not get sufficient keywords. Then you have to adjust the filters.

I normally tend to use these conditions.

1. Volume – 300 to 1000
2. CPC (USD) – 0.3 to 1
3. Competitive Density – 0.25 to 0.6

These are arbitrary figures based upon my experience. You can change them according to your needs. I normally tend to target keywords with medium traffic, average CPC and low-medium competition.

Google Keyword Planner

You can make use of the competitor URL to get related profitable keywords.

1. Click on “Discover new keywords”.
2. Enter the main keyword like “hdmi accessories”
3. Search on Google, for this keyword and copy the first ranking link.
4. Enter that url to use as a filter.

keyword planner to find profit keyword

The following are some of the profitable keywords.

1. 4k hdmi cable –                                 High, 27.27, 59.56, 10K – 100K
2. vga to hdmi adapter –                     High, 33.73, 88.99, 10K – 100K
3. usb to hdmi cable –                          High, 22.25, 37.32, 1K – 10K
4. lightning to hdmi cable –                High, 21.53, 35.88, 10K – 100K

The above metrics are competition, top of page bid (low range) (Rs), top of page bid (high range) (Rs), Avg. monthly searches.

Keyword Surfer

This is a free 100% working extension to analyze Google search results. You need not purchase any product.

1. Enter your primary keyword in Google.
2. For example, I entered “wedding suits 2019”
3. You can get similar keywords with search volume data.

keyword surfer to find high volume keywords

The results are like this –

1. tuxedos for men –                 22200
2. wedding suits for men –      22200
3. mens wedding suits –          22200
4. wedding suit styles –            390

But if you want more profitability metrics like correlations, quality backlinks, estimated traffic, then you can sign-up for $1 trial.

Successful Keyword Strategy to Get Profitable Ideas

Inclusion of semantic keywords will give meaning to your content. If you can get $50/day for a particular keyword, you can add related topics in your niche blog. To earn $10 to $100 from a particular keyword, you should be above the competition. Ranking in the top 3 spots will make visitors click your article.

Different ways exist to get profit from your blog or YouTube videos.

Publishers get revenue when visitors click Ads or buy products.

Adsense,, Tamboola are some of the ways by which you can monetize your content. Relevance is the key after the new BERT update in Nov 2019. To be successful with keyword strategy in 2020, you need to find different ways to get related keywords of a profitable keyword.

To get Profit from Adsense, you need to use the right techniques.

Blocking categories is a good mechanism to improve Adsense CPC and CTR.

Users from different countries will only see personalized ads that are relevant to the content.

If a visitor is searching for “best book for affiliate marketing”, then he should see ads related to stores and ebooks. In that way it is helpful to the visitor to find relevant information.

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This will convert to ad revenue, if he clicks or buys any product from the Ad.

Profit Targeting – Different methods

Google has the knack of ranking your article for different keywords which are of same meaning. So if you are an authority in that topic, it gives immense please to build trust among your audience.

Instead of ranking for 10 keywords with high CPC, it is better to rank for 4 or 5 phrase keywords that give more traffic.

Profit depends upon the way you monetize your website.

If Adsense is your business, then you can have to get high organic traffic. For this you need to build links, authority, brand and write content that answers the visitor query.

Some keywords are profitable in Affiliate Income Strategy. You can build Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora campaigns to spread news about your article. If audience like your post and trust it, they are more inclined to buy the related product.

Profitable Niche – Target Relevant Keywords

If you observe branded websites, they all target the important keywords with surrounding content, links and advertisement. This is one of the key elements before you start to blog or create videos. If you find that there are very little audience in your niche, you are less likely to get intended results.

Keywords with $1 to $10 CPC will give your better rewards. Once you make a basket containing articles with related keywords to the profitable keyword, users are more likely to visit these posts. This will in-turn convert your primary keyword into a better money topic.

Niche Selling Methods

The niche can be broad or micro. It is important whether you have expertise to make the necessary content. Dropshipping is another key area where you can make revenue from profitable keywords. You don’t need to have a store. Become an affiliate to any good online store of products or services. Then create videos or write content around that niche keyword.

If you sell $1000 worth products on Amazon, you get a commission of $40 to $70. It can be a simple keyword worth $30. Otherwise, you can target big products like laptops or hdmi monitors where the cost ranges from $700 to $1000. Even if the user buys one single product, you are likely to generate $60 very easily.

User Intent is the Key for Profitable Keywords

In this world of competition, you have to write the right content. It should answer the user’s query. If it is vague, a search engine visitor will soon leave the site. This will increase the bounce rate which has negative impact on rankings.

If a user spends more time on your article, it indicates that his question is answered. In that way, he is willing to visit sponsor ads or affiliate products present in the content.

Internal links play a major role in making visitors buy your product. If you link related posts or content inside the article, he is going to read it.

This way you can create a sales funnel channel. At the top of the pyramid, you have basic seed keywords. As you go more deeper, it will narrow the user intent to the exact question or review or transaction.

Keyword Planner in 2020

First of all, I would like to note that “Keyword Planner” is a keyword research tool from Google. Primarily the motive behind creating this tool by Google is to have advertisers look at prospects of bidding for keywords. The same tool can be beneficial to SMBs and small blogger.

This tool was earlier known as “Google Adwords Keyword Tool” . I used to type this keyword in Google to access its URL. ( Sorry for my bad memory or very long method of finding a URL ).

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Timeline of Keyword Planner

In 2016 and earlier I used this tool to generate keyword ideas in my own way.

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But now in 2020 everything has changed.  The SEO expert perspective of profitability is different in 2020.

Coming to the topic, why I’m mentioning this in the article is that “Keyword Planner” has completely replaced the old “Adwords Keyword Tool”. Today when I tried to open the old keyword research tool, I was greeted with a message saying that “Keyword Planner” is the norm of things to come.


The “Tools and Analysis” drop-down has changed with the Adwords tool for keyword campaigns gone.

Keyword Planner in Google Adwords

How To Get Profitable Keywords using Excel

Note : This part is little outdated, as it was written in 2013. You can apply the below excel tweak, but the metrics have changed names. You may not see this interface in Keyword Planner in 2020. I have kept this content to remember the old look of this tool.

Here comes the crucial part of my article. After you downloaded the above report in excel CSV format, you can open it in your favorite Office Excel program. Then save it in .xlsx format which is more suitable for editing. The report has the following columns.

  • Ad group
  • Keyword
  • Currency
  • Avg. monthly searches
  • Competition
  • Avg CPC
  • Impr. share
  • In account?
  • In plan?
  • Extracted From

Different Metrics from Keyword Ideas

As a suggestion, its always better to keep your timezone timing something related to the local search trends you wish to see. For example, I’m in India, but since I want to see traffic for USA, I keep my timezone as Eastern Time, as the data that is spitted out, directly related to US.

Now you can hide the other columns in Excel, except Ad group, Keyword, Avg. monthly searches, Competition and Avg CPC. The data will look something like this in the below screenshot.


Now the magic trick I wish to explain for getting the best keywords which can bring more Adsense revenue and generate lot of traffic for your targeted article.

Sort your data by Competition and then by Avg CPC and then by Avg. monthly searches from largest to smallest. i.e in the decreasing order.

Now my data will look something like this.


You can follow this tutorial on how to sort keywords in Excel as said above.

This finishes getting your profitable keywords for better targeting at revenue and traffic. As a general analysis, now if I target a keyword like “adwords help” with 1000 avg. monthly searches and avg CPC like $7.06, it would be a double-edged knife regarding maximum efficiency.

Note : Many of the SEO experts would defer on the “Competition” column. But one have to be careful by the definition of competition itself in Google Adwords words. Its actually the number of advertisers competing for that keyword. So somehow if you manage to rank well for that keyword, you will get best revenue.

 My Conclusion:

The above concept is based purely on my experience.

Whether it works or not, I can only know by your comments.

If you don’t get success with the above keyword strategy and analysis, please don’t blame me, as SEO is trial and error.

I have not seen till now of any SEO company or expert which can keep the SERP rankings for ever.

It all depends on various factors like domain authority, page authority, quality links and on-page optimization before you can reach the top of Google rankings.

Though I started this blog to write related things on SEO, I cannot say myself as an SEO expert. With my 12 years of experience in SEO, I can only say that its like a “golden deer” where it teases and makes you run after it, but you will never able to grasp it.

That’s how Google has made it difficult with its search engine algorithm changes.

So Happy exercising!

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    Fact: Reading enhances your memory.

  2. I read your article and I must say I’m very impressed with the quality of this article. But I have a question, how many time do we place our targeted keyword in a 1000 words article? And does synonyms count as targeted keyword?

    • @Enoch: Thanks for the comment. There is NO good and fast rule to include a keyword so many times. It all depends on the “keyword” and “niche” you are in. Sometimes, search results for a keyword, do not include the keyword at all. You can see “missing” in search results. But again, in some niche keywords traditional seo works best. Instead of a synonym, it is better to include related keyword or semantically equal keywords.

  3. I understand and thank you so much. I’ll include related keywords and semantically equal keywords and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip, PALLA SRIDHAR

  4. Thanks for sharing very useful tricks on high paying Adsense keywords | High CPC keywords | Low competition keywords list of 2020.

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