How To Do Basic Keyword Research using Keyword Planner?

You might be already knowing that “Adwords Keyword tool” has been replaced by “Keyword Planner”. This free Adwords tool, Keyword Planner mainly helps advertisers choose competitive bids and budgets to use with their keyword campaigns.

According to Adwords Help, the main benefits of using Keyword Planner are researching keywords and getting historical statistics and traffic estimates. You can use Keyword Planner to search for keyword ideas for a new ad campaign. You can also expand the keyword list for an existing campaign.

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According to John Budzynski, SEM specialist at the Black Tie Digital Marketing, the new Keyword tool saves the double task of creating keyword lists and then importing them into the Traffic Estimator. This will eliminate a step in the campaign building process.

However, there are some drawbacks as John explains.

 “Anytime there’s a change to the way AdWords functions or features are added/taken away (which is quite often), most marketers go through an initial period of “How will this affect my campaigns?” or “What do I need to change in my normal processes?”

But on the contrary there are some pros when it comes to using Keyword Planner for Adwords Campaigns for local businesses.

“One of the benefits of the Keyword Planner is that you can set your target region from the very beginning. This means that small businesses no longer have to pick out their keywords using national numbers, and allows the local business to make decisions based on numbers that apply directly to their target region,” John said.

How To Do Basic Keyword Research Using Google’s FREE SEO Tool – Keyword Planner?

  • Login to your Adwords account to reach Keyword Planner tool. (This can be done by typing “google adwords keyword planner” in Google search engine. This keyword produces the first result for Keyword Planner link. Other exact keywords which I experimented didn’t produce the first rankings for this URL. This URL redirects you to the Adwords account. )
  • To start with keyword research just type your random keyword you thought of targeting your article.
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  • Just leave the “landing page” and “product category” empty for now.
  • Click on “Get ideas” button.

You should be displayed a screen of keyword ideas for your primary keyword. (As an example, I’ve selected “keyword planner” as the targeted keyword and the rest of the post shows on how I go about analyzing this keyword). keyword_research_ideas The best part is to download all the keywords to your local disk or computer. In this way you can do more analysis. But if you would like to prefer viewing data and trends on the screen itself, you can do that way also. There are basically 2 tabs on the displayed data. One is Adgroup ideas and other is Keyword ideas. The above screenshot shows the data for the first tab. Clicking on the second tab will show data something like this. keyword_ideas

Since “Keyword Planner” is an SEO tool for both keyword research and traffic estimates, you can see both data in the above screenshot. You also get information of how the keyword is trending traffic wise, in the last 12 months.

Also you have to keep in mind, that traffic data for the suggested keywords are for “exact” type only. The data is similar for other match types like “broad” and “phrase” match. The things that vary are like CPC and other advertiser data.

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  1. Some of the keyword research techniques are only paid. But using the GKP and Excel sheet, we can do wonders. Thanks Palla, for such an informative article.

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