Make Money with Google Adsense using High Paying CPC Keywords (List)

It’s not that easy to make money online sitting from home. Though there are various routes like direct advertising, affiliate programs, CPC ads, online form filling, taking surveys etc, its so easy to get drowned in these marketing ideas without earning any penny. But if you are willing to put some hard work on long term basis, then Google Adsense is the right online earning method for you.

This recommendation is after I failing in lot of attempts in earning money online.

What to do before applying for Google Adsense Program?

For this you need to have a website. It can be free or paid. You can host your domain for free on platforms like and Blogger, where you are given a subdomain like or But in order to make money with Google Adsense program, you need to rank well in search engines and generate lot of traffic. So the free websites, generally, will not rank well in Google, Bing or Yahoo as that of paid sites.

Why I recommend Paid Hosting and Own Domain?

So I better recommend that you go for paid hosting. You can get a cheap .com,.org,.net domain for paltry price of $10 more or less and the hosting charges are also around $100 per year for good service like HostGator. Why I recommend HostGator then other cheap hosting services like iPage,, FatCow is because of its support and less down-time.

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How much Time it’ll take to get into Google Adsense Program

Once you bought a domain and build a website or blog, you are good to go with Google Adsense program. You just need to pick a niche on which you are going to target your audience and write some quality articles related to that topic. After writing around 10 to 25 articles, you can subscribe for the Google Adsense program. Though it took me around 6 months (and I think this still stands for new subscribers) to obtain my Adsense account. there are various blog posts that mention getting Adsense account in few days to months.

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Importance of Keyword Research

If you are still adamant in getting good income from Adsense program, you can start a micro-niche site. (For example, I started as one). For this you need to do a little bit of  keyword research using free tools like Keyword Planner or go for a paid one like LongTail Pro.

What is CPC and making Money with Adsense

The best thing about these keyword research programs is that, they’ll give you an idea on how best you can rank in Google or Bing. Targeting low competition and high CPC keywords is the key in making money with Google Adsense. Oh, Did I mention what is CPC? Well, its a short form for Cost Per Click. Its the amount you earn each time a visitor of your site clicks on your ad.

The CPC is determined by the advertiser who are willing to pay for advertising on your site through Google. Mostly it”ll be CPA which is nothing but Cost-per-Action. That is, unless your visitor does some particular action as mentioned by the advertiser terms, you will not get high returns on Google Adsense income.

So the final bottom line is that you need to target high CPC keywords in your article or blog post to make decent income with Google Adsense. Otherwise, you will be on of those who are earning 0.01$ per click or 0.1$ per click, which will put water on your efforts.

So the waiting is over ….. !


Here is a list of high paying adsense keywords (technology related) that are having high Avg. CPC bidding on them by advertisers. Once you target and rank well for these keywords, you can easily earn good income for Adsense program. For this you need at-least 1000 visits per day from all types of visitor traffic.



cloud computing technology


call center technology


information technology degrees


technology credit union


information technology degree


information technology schools


virtualization technology


cloud technology


information technology education


information technology consulting


information technology colleges


cloud technology companies


information technology training


visible technologies


technology insurance


information technology courses


information technology security


technology degrees


virtual technology


information technology management




















This list is useful for tech bloggers who are going to implement the above said strategies in 2014. [Data source : Google Adwords]

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