How To Find Best Profitable Keywords Using Google’s Keyword Planner?

First of all, I would like to note that “Keyword Planner” is a keyword research tool from Google. Primarily the motive behind creating this tool by Google is to have advertisers a look at their prospects of keyword targeting. But the same tool can be beneficial to a common blogger or writer if he uses it properly.

Earlier this tool was known as “Google Adwords Keyword Tool”  by many. I used to type this keyword in Google to access its URL. ( Sorry for my bad memory or very long method of finding a URL ). In the earlier days I used this tool in my own way to generate keyword ideas.

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But now in 2013 everything has changed from an SEO expert perspective. Though I started this blog to write related things on SEO, I cannot say myself as an SEO big shot. With my 4 years of experience in SEO, I can only say that its like a “golden deer” where it teases and makes you run after it, but you will never able to grasp it. That’s how Google has made it difficult with its search engine algorithm changes.

Coming to the topic, why I’m mentioning this in the article is that “Keyword Planner” has completely replaced the old “Adwords Keyword Tool”. Today when I tried to open the old keyword research tool, I was greeted with a message saying that “Keyword Planner” is the norm of things to come.


The “Tools and Analysis” drop-down has changed with the Adwords tool for keyword campaigns gone.

Keyword Planner in Google Adwords

How To Get Best Keywords for Profitability and Maximum Efficiency using Keyword Planner?

Here comes the crucial part of my article. After you downloaded the above report in excel CSV format, you can open it in your favorite Office Excel program. Then save it in .xlsx format which is more suitable for editing. The report has the following columns.

  • Ad group
  • Keyword
  • Currency
  • Avg. monthly searches
  • Competition
  • Avg CPC
  • Impr. share
  • In account?
  • In plan?
  • Extracted From

As a suggestion, its always better to keep your timezone timing something related to the local search trends you wish to see. For example, I’m in India, but since I want to see traffic for USA, I keep my timezone as Eastern Time, as the data that is spitted out, directly related to US.

Now you can hide the other columns in Excel, except Ad group, Keyword, Avg. monthly searches, Competition and Avg CPC. The data will look something like this in the below screenshot.


Now the magic trick I wish to explain for getting the best keywords which can bring more Adsense revenue and generate lot of traffic for your targeted article.

Sort your data by Competition and then by Avg CPC and then by Avg. monthly searches from largest to smallest. i.e in the decreasing order.

Now my data will look something like this.


You can follow this tutorial on how to sort keywords in Excel as said above.

This finishes getting your profitable keywords for better targeting at revenue and traffic. As a general analysis, now if I target a keyword like “adwords help” with 1000 avg. monthly searches and avg CPC like $7.06, it would be a double-edged knife regarding maximum efficiency.

Note : Many of the SEO experts would defer on the “Competition” column. But one have to be careful by the definition of competition itself in Google Adwords words. Its actually the number of advertisers competing for that keyword. So somehow if you manage to rank well for that keyword, you will get best revenue.

 My Conclusion:

The above concept is based purely on my intuition. Whether it works or not, I can only know by your comments. If you don’t get success with the above keyword strategy and analysis, please don’t blame, as SEO game is only by trial and error. I have not seen till now of any SEO company or expert which can keep the SERP rankings for ever. It all depends on various factors like domain authority, page authority, quality links and on-page optimization before you can reach the top of Google rankings.

So Happy exercising!

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