Why Desktop Platform is Still Important in 2017 in Adsense Revenue Generation?

Mobile advertising is on the rise. US Mobile search ad spending is going to increase by 8% in 2017, compared to this year. Does this mean the end of Ad revenue for publishers targeting desktop users? You can increase Adsense revenue, if you come out of this misconception! In another interesting survey by Nielsen, desktop campaigns targeted at the age group of 18-49 have dominated by 6% compared to mobile campaigns in 2016.

us mobile advertising trends 2013 - 2018

Image Source : eMarketer.com (2012)

For bloggers entering 2017, Adsense is still part of their revenue model which helps in sharing their hosting costs. But should they target, mobile visitors or desktop audience, to get better result in their Adsense revenue. They could also bid for Adwords ad based on platform. But if they are planning to just increase their mobile traffic, they should take a note of the following facts.

When looking to reach broader audiences, desktop continues to hold a slight advantage over mobile in campaign performance. In campaigns geared toward people aged 18-49—often thought of as a ’key’ buying demographic—mobile campaigns saw a lower on-target percentage compared with desktop campaigns, 64% versus 70%, respectively.

Source : http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/news/2016/tapping-the-full-potential-of-mobile-advertising-with-the-person.html

Desktop traffic is more important in 2017, just as in the past couple of years. Though there is a decline in the number of desktop users, over year-and-year, the number of advertisers bidding for this platform is still a good number. You can increase your earning potential, by just improving your on-site and off-site SEO targeting desktop traffic.

In Adsense revenue, you have to understand that CPC and Impression RPM plays a major role in getting good revenue.

Though my current study is only a reflection of two sites, it should be noted that one site is getting a major share of mobile traffic. So in-spite of that, you can see which platform dominates in the following details, for Adsense revenue for the last 1 year.

why desktop adsense revenue is still betterwhy desktop adsense revenue is still betterwhy desktop adsense revenue is still betterwhy desktop adsense revenue is still better

Comparison of Desktop and Mobile Revenue for Nov 2016

Though this month is not yet complete, you can still see the stats till to-date, below.

difference of desktop and mobile adsense revenue 2015 2016

The difference of page views between high-end mobile devices and desktop is around 94%. But the revenue difference between the two is a whopping 195%. As expected, the mobile traffic is high, but the desktop Adsense revenue is still on a higher side.

This contradicts the theory that, if the traffic is high, you will get better Adsense revenues. But this is not the case. Even the Impression RPM of desktop is 4 times that of mobile traffic. Also, the number of clicks in desktop platform is less compared to mobile traffic.

Overall, the desktop Adsense revenue dominates even with less traffic and less clicks.

Comparison of Desktop and Mobile Revenue for Oct 2016

In this month also, the mobile traffic is double that of desktop traffic. The number of impressions also are 100% more than that of desktop. The number of ad clicks are double that of mobile traffic. But the page RPM of desktop traffic is 400% that of mobile traffic.

Finally, the ad revenue of desktop is double that of mobile revenue.

From the above, you can also calculate what is the difference between mobile cpc vs desktop cpc for the last 4 months. This shows that with even less desktop traffic, you can still make money with Google Adsense.


From the above facts, it is very clear that desktop traffic is still the high generating platform in terms of Adsense revenue. May be this is limited to only 2 sites. But if we can see the stats of several accounts, we can come to a general conclusion.

So I request the readers who visit this post, to comment their desktop and mobile ad revenue for the last 1 year. If we have like 20 to 25 readers with their revenue details, we could easily find which platform is the best. This is useful to small-time bloggers and beginners, who are in the middle thinking which platform to concentrate.

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