How Bloggers can Make Money and Profit from SEMRush?

In 2015, it’s even much difficult to generate income from online resources. This is due to the fact, that the number of bloggers are increasing day by day and readers are becoming more aware.

There is also a shift in discussions from blogging to social network circles. Visitors used to comment on niche blogs in hundreds within a week, but this has reduced drastically.

So if you want to make money from the web, you need to invest, just like the big brands. But SMBs, small-time bloggers, beginners, and college students are at a disadvantage.

Earlier in 2004, it was just enough to stuff keywords in your content and you could rank easily in the top ten rankings. But Google has evolved lately and made adjustments to its algorithm to find content and link spam.

In order to increase your finances, it’s best to follow some GOOD SEO practices. Though we cannot say that what is white-hat today, could become black-hat tomorrow.

For example, guest blogging was a major source of creating backlinks and popularity for bloggers in 2013 and 2014. But that was soon becoming a spammy technique and Google had to shut it down.

SEO tools like SEMRush not only take bloggers to the next level, but can improve their online income. There is no big secret in the methods of earning that potential.

Affiliate Marketing!

If you can write a good review on the product you believe, subscribers will definitely will be inclined to grasp your product.

I don’t want to fool my fellow bloggers saying that SEMRush alone will guarantee you #1 rankings in Google. But if used properly, you can reap rich dividends from this tool.

What is SEMRush?

It is an Internet Market Research tool which can help big brands to SMBs gain insights into their website data. You can do Organic Keyword Research, Advertising Research, PLA (Product Listing Ads) Research, Related Keyword Research and many more.

SEMRush location and details

The headquarters of SEMRush office. About 50 dedicated staff work to make things blend together

Reports will be generated on a regular basis and emailed to your account, so that you can view data within a wink.

It’s NOT an automation tool or spam tool, just like other products found on WarriorForum or such marketing sites. This tool does keyword analysis, known for business intelligence and made a name in competitor analysis software.

You need not download this software and the price is based on subscription based.


There are 3 types of recurring plans and 1 monthly plan.

  • Enterprise ($499 /month)
  • Guru ($149.95 /month)
  • Pro ($69.96 /month)
  • Pro (1 month)

You can visit the following page for the complete details and comparison of prices.

Is there a Free Trial?

By default, SEMRush doesn’t provide any Free trials. But if you search the net, there are various blogs which write reviews on this product. They also provide coupon codes using which you can get 14 to 15 day trials which are worth $150.

But there is a catch. You can apply 1 credit card with one account only. So if you are planning to use multiple times different codes with the same credit card it will not work out. | Subscribe to SEMrush Plans


5 Ways to Make Money from SEMRush

Affiliate Marketing

Writing simplistic reviews will fetch you money using this method. Customers who read your review and buy through your affiliate link will earn you some money. For this you need to write a good review about SEMRush.

Since there is lot of competition in affiliate marketing business, it will be more profitable if you write an honest review.

Audience will simply not buy a product if cut and paste content from the web. The reviews on the Internet are mostly paid, so it’ll be easy for an intellectual customer to find out which one is paid and which is not.

So if you write a case-study or your experience with the product, it’ll do well for your affiliate business.

You can write topics like the following.

  • How SEMRush Helped me reach the 1st position in Google?

  • How SEMrush Site Audit helped me make my website more profitable?

One example where a blogger made a proportionate income from SEMRush affiliate sales is Harsh Agarwal of fame. He earned around $11,000 from SEMRush sales alone in 2014.

His blog categorizes to the SEO needs of a customer and he is one of the top blogger of India. Though a newbie blogger may not earn that much from SEMRush affiliate sales, one can take example of his hardwork.

Site Audit Reports

You can also make money with Site Audits. For example, Jane Sheeba of does a similar thing. There is a link under Tools section (on the left hand-side) that says Site Audit. You can click the “Add New Project” button to start the audit.

There will be 4 stages.

  • Start Campaign
  • Go Through Wizard
  • View and Fix Issues
  • Rerun Audit

By this way, you can analyze a client’s site and give valuable SEO feedback on that site. For this purpose, you need to enter the following details.

  • Project Name
  • Domain
  • Max Pages Limit
  • Schedule Day
  • Notify Me
  • Exclude Checks

Once completed, click the button that says “Create Project and Start Audit”. You can charge clients for this site audit. A typical site audit will look like this.

Site Audit Tool in SEMrush

Once your audit is complete, report will be mailed to your email.

As you can see above, it gives an overall score for your site in percentage. The report mentions the top 3 errors and the top 3 warnings. When you click on the link, it’ll take you to the detail report in SEMRush account.

Also, the number of errors, warnings and notices for your site are clearly mentioned.

A histogram showing the percentage of different issues also can be seen. More the green, more SEO friendly is you site.

Competitor Analysis

If you are working as an SEO consultant, this tool is of immense help to improve your financial margins. For your clients, you can tell them who their competitors are in various categories.

For example under Organic Research section, just enter your domain, keyword or URL and click on Search. You will get the organic competitors for database.

Competitor analysis in SEMrush

Various competitors info can be gathered in SEMrush, using which bloggers can find potential benefits of SEO.

You also get the competition level, common keywords, SE keywords, SE traffic, SE Traffic price and Ads keywords. When you click on any number, you will be given detailed keywords under that category.

This is very useful to the client who wants to know what competitors are targeting.

Similarly you can find competitors in Advertising and PLA.

BackLinks Data

You can use SEMRush as a profitable backlink analysis tool. This will help you to gain money in your off-site SEO efforts. Under the BackLinks section, click on Backlinks label.

BackLink Analysis Software SEMrush

Bloggers can spy on competitors to find backlinks and use the same data to improve client’s Google rankings

For example, for one of my competitors I checked the backlinks. I found 17 total results with 5 referring domains. All of them are follow links. You can use your SEO tactics to make full utilization of this backlink analysis data.

Adwords Research

If you are working as a Google Adwords consultant, you can research for ad positions in this tool. Under Advertising Research > Positions, just enter one of your competitor domain name and click on “Search” button.

Target Ads using SEMrush

Using Advertising research, bloggers can find relevant ads of their client’s competitors.

You will get different data like organic search, paid search, backlinks, organic keywords, ads keywords etc. Different information like top keywords, keyword position distribution, main competitors, competitive positioning map, ad copy position distribution can be got from this detailed report.

Using this data, you can bid for ads on Google Adwords and also suggest clients what to bid on.


You can see that bloggers targeting profitable niches can get relevant data from SEMrush. At the same time, using the above strategy they can also make money online.

Which marketing method is the best for profitable business? Did you try the FREE trial offered by SEMrush? What section of SEMrush is to be improved for better blogger business? Can blogs earn decent money from SEMrush affiliate sales? Please comment in the form below.

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