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2 What is SEO in 2016 – A New Perspective!

significance of domain authority and page links in seo

Do you like traffic to your site? To achieve this, you should attract people by writing quality and unique content. But that is not enough! You also have to apply a process called “SEO” called Search Engine Optimization to your website and inner pages to improve your site visibility in search engines for a “set […]

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1 [Case-Study] Easy WP SEO Review – How Efficient it is?

WordPress and SEO go together. Tools like Easy WP SEO indicate a score of on-site page-optimization. The On-Page SEO score is a representative of collection of various on-site factors. These include title tag, meta tags, heading tags like H1, H2, H3, Content of first and last 100 words, readability, primary keyword, keyword density, whether title […]

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How To Sort Keyword Data from Keyword Planner in Excel ?

Using data manipulation tools like Excel can be very useful in implementing SEO strategies. This is especially true with keyword data. Using a SEO research tool like Keyword Planner will be only helpful if we can rightly consolidate the data into meaningful manner. We already seen a post on the benefits and basic usage of […]

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1 How To Do Basic Keyword Research using Keyword Planner?

You might be already knowing that “Adwords Keyword tool” has been replaced by “Keyword Planner”. This free Adwords tool, Keyword Planner mainly helps advertisers choose competitive bids and budgets to use with their keyword campaigns. According to Adwords Help, the main benefits of using Keyword Planner are researching keywords and getting historical statistics and traffic […]

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